Wedding DJ versus Wedding Band: When to Hire Whom

With the decreasing gap between the day of wedding and the day of fixing the auspicious date, the visualization of what you need and what you not keeps becoming clear. However, you still might not be clear whether to choose a wedding DJ or a wedding band. Believe it or not; there is no single rule dictating the selection of the most suitable one. In fact, the best option depends on several factors such as budget, the couple’s preferences, and the wedding theme.

Keeping these factors in mind, one can say that a couple can choose any one from the two, which means there is no universally best choice. Well, now the question arises when should you choose a DJ and when a band. Let us check this out now!

Hiring a Wedding DJ

Preferring a wedding singer or a DJ to a wedding band gives the biggest reward of affordability without compromising on quality. A DJ or a singer for wedding is available at a more economical price than a band. This means that you should choose a wedding DJ if on a strict budget. Apart from budget, go for a wedding DJ if you:

  • Love music of different generations as well as songs in their original melodies.
  • Have a long list of best songs to be played.
  • Allow your guest to make a request on the spot.
  • Wish to play different genres of music at a continuous stretch.
  • Are ready to leave behind the glamour and flair of a band.

Hiring a Wedding Band 

If glamour and style are your priorities regardless of what the cost is, a wedding band is your ideal choice. The band adds both appeal and personal touch to the overall gala. Consider a band if you:

  • Prefer studio-like music
  • Love hearing your favorites in a new style or version
  • Allow giving the full control in terms of creativity to the performers

No matter which one you choose, you should always establish a contract-based relationship. Although it looks as a formality, it is actually the medium of the safety of your money. Moreover, you should also consider being proactive and do some research on the background of the chosen contractor for a hassle-free wedding reception.

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