Serviced Apartments In Mayfair

Did you know that serviced apartments are the best option or the better alternative when it comes to a vacation when you want to feel at home but away? Well, it may sound funny and boring at the same time but you bet when you try this you will never look anywhere else. Family vacations are meant to be fun but this might not happen if you are going to stay in a hotel because there are some things you cannot dictate. On the other hand hotels have some of amenities that are not just included in their package and therefore you have to pay extra cash for you to access them. When you are in serviced apartments Mayfair, all the amenities and all the services rendered to you are all in one package so you will not have to pay anything on top of your initial agreement.

While others think that getting serviced apartments Mayfair is not such a good idea, the money you will save during your stay there cannot compare to even a short stay in a four or five star hotel. The reason for this is that you can be able to dictate your comfort at any given time unlike in hotels where you have to live within the rules of the management. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider taking a serviced apartment instead of a hotel:

More space

In a serviced apartment the space is enough for everyone including the kitchen and the dining room. There are also multiple rooms to accommodate all members of your family unlike hotels where there are mostly just one or two rooms forcing people to squeeze so that they can fit in. being in a serviced apartment will therefore give you the freedom and all the space you need maybe to do your adult stuff while the kids are watching the television. This surely is the best alternative.


Sometimes when taking a vacation, it could be because you want to explore or maybe you want to go away from everything and have your time alone and away. A hotel in this case would not be suitable for you because there are so many distractions such that you cannot even concentrate. Many serviced apartments are situated in quiet places and if you need to have your own time to meditate; this is the way to go. You will not regret having gone there because that is the only place you can be able to concentrate in quietness.

Flexibility and freedom

In a serviced apartment, you have the freedom to create your own stay. You can always create your own home away the best way you feel comfortable. The rates of a serviced apartment are always all inclusive and no extra charges for anything. The rates are relatively low as compared to hotels because the services offered as not as many as those of a hotel like housekeeping,laundry and room cleaning which you can actually do yourself. It is also possible to book a serviced apartments for both long and short stay.