Psychics and Psychic Powers

Psychics and Psychic Powers

A psychic is a person that has well developed sixth sense or extrasensory perception (ESP). A psychic allegedly is capable of using the powers associated with his extrasensory perception to acquire information that is elusive and hidden from the five basic senses in a typical human being that include sight, hearing, smell, taste and the sense of touch. The psychics apparently can perform tasks that are not possible through ordinary physical means that includes curing medically ill patients without medicines or surgery and levitating in the air etc.  While there are a number of scientists that are in disbelief or skeptical about the existence of sixth sense, there is plenty of evidence that has formed and influenced academic disciplines and studies that have evolved around paranormal phenomena such as Parapsychology and other Holistic Sciences.

Some psychics claim to have powers since childhood as a gift and on the other hand there is general belief that states that these powers are obtained by voluntary or involuntary physical or mental trauma such as a suffering inflicted because of an accident or by hardship endured through a mental ailment. Many psychics have religious backgrounds but almost all the psychics claim to assimilate their powers from sources that are spiritual in nature. You can visit to find out more interesting stuff on psychics and psychic abilities.

The voluntary acquisition of spiritual or psychic powers had been practiced in the eastern and oriental cultures for many thousands of years and this knowledge continues to be practiced through disciplines of hard exercises and recitation of holy books and their verses, spells and mantras that date back to primitive humanity. It is quite valid to say that spiritualism and materialism are counteracting forces engaged in a tug of war with each other within a man or society. It is believed by most clergymen that the westernization, industrialization and materialistic thinking are behind the sufferings of ailing humanity as it erodes away the spirituality of human beings and it is inferred from this fact that the man of ancient time was more spiritual in nature and as desires and cravings spread, it leads humanity into sufferings and destruction.

When it comes to forms of psychic powers there are more than three dozens of types of psychic powers that enable its bearer to do things that are unexplainable by ordinary means. From reading minds and emotions to controlling matter and energy such are controlling the shape of smoke or fire through the mind. But beware that there are definitely no shortage of scams and frauds that conjure tricks aimed at robing and looting you in different ways.

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