Why Get Invisalign?

Lately, inquires as well as searches on topics related to Invisalign at Park Slope have been increasing. This indicates that people are concerned about their oral health. One of the major problems that surround teeth is misaligned or crooked teeth. Crooked teeth come with lots of inconvenience and problems. A victim may find it hard to close the mouth properly. Cleaning the teeth is also a problem. Misaligned teeth may damage the jaw and also gums. In due course, a person can contract periodontal diseases. In addition, the affected individuals feel embarrassed or ashamed of their teeth. This not only lowers their self esteem but can lead to withdrawal.

Individuals with crooked teeth seek measures to correct the misalignment. Many methods have been discovered over time. One of the common methods that are used today is Invisalign. In fact, the popularity of this teeth re-aligning technique is growing quite fast. This is clear from rising inquiries and also increasing reviews on the procedure. This method resembles the more common corrective procedure that uses braces. In both methods, a bracket or device is placed on the crooked teeth. This device exerts some pressure on the crooked teeth. Over time, the teeth adapt to the shape of the attachment.

Unlike the conventional metal braces, Park Slope Invisalign uses a clear brace. And unless a person is close to the person wearing the Invisalign brace, it is hard to notice. The clear brace is customized to match a person’s teeth. This ensures the teeth will actually follow a pre-determined shape of teeth. The traditional metal bracelets were simply placed on the teeth. A patient had to visit a dentist regularly to ensure they were developing as desired. Considering the brace used in Invisalign is molded to take the shape of the teeth, food particles aren’t trapped in between the teeth and braces.

Quite a number of people are opting for these braces instead of the traditional metal braces because of comfort. Metal braces exert lots of pressure on the teeth which can be uncomfortable especially when installed for the first time. Normally, metal braces can only be removed by a dentist or orthodontist. This means they stay attached to the teeth all the time. A person who is feeling uncomfortable because of the braces has to bear the discomfort. Invisalign braces are easily attached and removed. An individual can do this anytime without visiting a dentist. Normally, many people remove the braces once in a while. They may do this to clean the braces or brush the teeth properly.

Clear braces are made from clear material which doesn’t have any sharp points or edges. However, metal braces contain edges and wires. These points may puncture the gums, tongue and also mouth. Besides causing pain, it may also lead to an infection. Metal is also prone to demineralization which can stain the teeth. Metal braces can also contribute to tooth decay, cavities and gum diseases. Another reason that drives people to go for Invisalign at Park Slope is the short duration of the procedure. Normal metal braces can take as many as 5 years while clear aligners only require one or two years.