Best and Most Effective Drum Mics For Different Kinds Of Drums

Drum mics are very essential for not only a drummer but also a musician if you want go professional. In a live audience show, you need some of the best musical equipments in order to get some of the best results of the effort you have been putting together. Drums are of utmost importance if you want to get the best of your composition and drum mics are accessories, which help the sound of your drums to reach to the ears of the audience. Most people, especially the novices, have no idea as to which drum mics they should buy. There are a lot of drum mics in the market and some of them are good while some of them just claim to be good but they are not actually. Best drum mics are those ones, which are entirely suitable for your drum and also reproduce great quality sound.

How to get good quality sound from kick drum mics?

Best drum mics for kick drums would be the ones, which produces organic sound and can easily catch low frequencies. Choose the mics, which would be best, suited to the frequency of the kick drums you posses. Place the mics in front of the battering place in order to get most from the mics. However, every drummer has his own distinctive choice. So just keep on experimenting with the position of the mics in order to get the most out of the sound quality of drum mics. However, before all this check the equaliser system of the sound output.

The best drum mics for snare drum

This particular drum is a tricky drum when it comes to micing it. You have to mic both the top and the bottom portion of the drum in order to find the sweet spot of the drum which produces the best quality music. The best drum mics for this kind of drum would be the one which would cancel out each other with some amount of delay. There are several mics available for snare drums and you can make your choice based on the specification of your drum.

Best drum mics for the other kinds of drums

There are also other kinds of drums like the cymbals and the tom toms. Overhead mics are the perfect ones for these kinds of drums. The reason behind that is they can easily pick up the sound of such drums without interfering with the mic connection of the other drums like the snare and the kick. There are tons of overhead good drum mics available in the market. However check out the reviews of such mics before deciding on one.

A drummer has a lot of choice when it comes down to choosing the best drum mics for this drumming kit. The more price you pay, the higher specification drum mic you will get. The high quality drum mic usually catches very low frequency of sounds and emits them without producing any output problems. However, nowadays good quality drum mics are also available in the market at cheap prices. But it is always advisable to do your research properly before investing in one.